Green Education and Legal Fund

Green Education and Legal Fund Inc. is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit dedicated to promoting the green values of nonviolence, ecology, democracy and justice.
Organized in 1998, the purposes of GELF include:
to conduct research and education in furtherance of the green principles of ecology, grassroots democracy, non-violence, social and economic justice, decentralization, community economics, feminism, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, and future focus;
to provide training and education to individuals to enable them to increase their participation in the democratic process of governance, including developing alternative democratic models for increased citizen and community input into economic and political decisions that impact upon their quality of life;
to develop and promote alternative models for organizing economic activity, including but not limited to cooperatives, worker ownership, community supported agriculture, monetary systems and Green business principles.
GELF has helped with issues such as calling to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant, composting, waste reduction, toxic wastes, opposing generic engineering of our food system, mobilizing opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, and supporting full public campaign finance reform.
GELF has sponsored the Green City Project, which envisions how to rebuild communities based on principles of sustainability. It completed reports for the City of Troy on solid waste, pesticides and composting.