Please be sure to check the pages of individual groups to learn about additional resources.  See Climate Reality Project and PAUSE.



Simple Guide

Developed by the BBC, this is a simple up-to-date guide to understanding climate change.



Climate Education Exchange

There are many, many educational resources on the internet.  Here is one that is a web portal to free, online climate change education resources, including lesson plans, curricular units, teacher training, data and media for climate change and associated topics.

Climate Act


NYS Climate Action Council

This webpage features the latest officially announced developments regarding New York State's Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).


Climate Crisis Policy

A collaborative effort to create comprehensive federal legislation

Climate Crisis Policy is an amazing collaboration of scientists, lawyers, activists, legislators, and other stakeholders acting together to formulate comprehensive climate legislation with the goal of having intelligent, just, workable bills for Congress to act on starting in January 2021.

Both groups and individuals are welcome to join. Climate Crisis Policy is providing a forum for discussion and endorsement of potential federal legislation. The goal is to find common ground and a grassroots force strong enough to influence the United States Congress to act efficiently and effectively because we have no time to waste.  It is believed that we only have 7 years in which to take the steps needed to keep Earth's temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels.

The Climate Crisis Policy Digest currently contains over 600 solutions to the climate crisis, compiled from over 130 sources People are being encouraged to get involved in any capacity they are able to:  write and review legislation, education, activism, etc.  State and local climate legislation is also encouraged and will be addressed.

"There are a million points of light in the climate cause seeking direction.  United in shared demands, we can be a laser that rewrites the future."

- J. Todd Fernandez