People of Albany United for Safe Energy

PAUSE, the local chapter of, first formed in January of 2014 as a response to the planned tar sands oil heating facility destined to be built at the Port of Albany.  In conjunction with many other groups, we defeated this proposal and, since then, no tar sands oil have been processed at the Port of Albany.   

Also, in 2014, PAUSE began opposing the hundreds of explosive Bakken oil railway cars that were coming into Albany on a daily basis.  Fortunately, the oil trains have been decreased to almost zero for several years. 

These days PAUSE is working on three fronts: 1) the climate crisis, 2) Zero Waste, and 3) a Buy Local, Grow Local online directory that emphasizes sustainable and socially responsible businesses/orgs (   

PAUSE was the lead organizer for the Sep. 20, 1919 climate strike march in which 500 turned out.  The Zero Waste campaign has been at many events, such as the Jazz Festival, helping people to compost and recycle their food waste.   Finally, we lobby our government officials and support other environmental groups by attending their events.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, PAUSE meets virtually on the 4th Thursdays of the month.  Ten+ people attend these planning meetings and all who are interested in PAUSE are welcome.   Contact Sandy by clicking on the ‘Get in Touch’ button below, and she will send you the meeting link, as well as help connect you to PAUSE in other ways.  We have 300+ people in our google group.   



Additional Resources, a national organization, has a great website that explains the science of climate change very succinctly and provides free resources to support climate education and advocacy.


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