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Sheridan Hollow Alliance for Renewable Energy (SHARE) is a coalition of local community, religious, environmental and climate organizations. SHARE formed to fight a proposed fracked gas powerplant in the Albany neighborhood of Sheridan Hollow, a low-income neighborhood inhabited mainly by people of color, just blocks from the NYS Capitol. We were successful in blocking the construction of that powerplant.  

SHARE is now demanding that the Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant be shut down. This steam plant has polluted the community since 1911 - first burning coal, then oil, and now fracked gas. Environmental racism is the disproportionate exposure of communities of color and low-income communities to environmental burdens and toxic hazards. Sheridan Hollow and neighboring Arbor Hill are such communities. 

SHARE calls on New York State to transition to 100% renewable energy (wind, solar, and geothermal) to heat, cool and power the Empire State Plaza and the Capitol. Environmental justice communities must play a central leadership role in the transition to renewable energy so the most vulnerable communities can share the benefits of our new energy future. 

Organizations or individuals who would like to join SHARE should contact:  Merton Simpson

or Ruth Foster