Climate Interactive

Computer Simulations

Climate Interactive is an MIT-generated think tank that has developed computer simulations to help people, organizations and governments understand the factors involved in climate change using system dynamics modeling.  Their two computer simulations (C-Roads and En-Roads) can be downloaded free along with all of the materials needed to run workshops.

Project Drawdown

Reversing Global Warming

Project Drawdown is an extensive research program that has defined the 100 most effective means to reverse global warming.  Their website offers all of this information, free.  They also offer information for teachers and are in the process of developing online courses.  Current applications of Drawdown solutions are highlighted in Drawdown Labs, a business consortium; and Drawdown communities, cities that have taken action on climate change.


Climate Act

NYS Climate Action Council

This webpage features the latest officially announced developments regarding New York State's Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

Pachamama Alliance

Up to Us Pathway

The Pachamama Alliance works with indigenous tribes of Ecuador and offers online courses that speak to climate change and our relationship to the earth.